short film recorded with Ardour

This is a short film I worked on last year, called Henry John and the Little Bug. The score was sequenced in Rosegarden, played by a synth, and recorded with Ardour. The vocals, guitar, banjo, and bass were recorded in Ardour (the drum track in the third act was created with Hydrogen). With the exception of the song “Dream a Little Dream of Me,” I composed and performed all the music. The vocal tracks were performed by the director’s mother and me. That’s not my normal singing voice, by the way–the director asked me to imitate an early-20th-century American popular music style similar to “One More Kiss, Dear” from Blade Runner.

I had hoped to compose our previous short film, The Red Room, entirely on a Linux box but it involved some very complicated tempo synchronization which I felt would be an excruciatingly time-consuming process in Rosegarden. In the end, I had to resort to Cubase to accomplish that. For Henry John, I finally summoned up the courage to drop the Windows crutch. I can’t wait until Ardour 3 is officially stable so I can use its MIDI editing features instead of Rosegarden.
(This film contains graphic violence, so if you don’t want to see that, don’t watch it.)

This is quite a cool little movie!

And the soundtrack appeareth quite perfectly well-done for me.

Regarding timing an soundtracks - I am experimenting with this as well and I get good results with qtractor, especially because it has much better capabilities to work with audio-samples. The only drawback in comparison with RG is that it lacks a score-editor.

The master timing-automation runs in Ardour, Qtractor runs as slave as well as Open Movie-editor that plays the movie - no trouble here with that.

Impressive work !

My compliments to everyone involved, it’s an enjoyable short film, definitely a bit twisted. :slight_smile: Excellent work on the soundtrack too.

Thanks for sharing.