Sharing Ardour Files between a desktop and a laptop


Big fan of this very very addictive software, I’d like to share all my Ardour Sessions between a laptop and a desktop, both UbuntuStudio same version. In order to do that, I managed to put all the samples on my desktop, the drumkits (DrumGizmo), the recorded audio clips, the Midi imported clips, in the /home/mylogin/music directory.

If I synchronize this music repository with a command like rsync -avz, so it is identical on the laptop, would it allow me to work on both computers? Let’s imagine I do an rsync everytime I change computer, without working on two computers at the same time?

Are there some other directories/locations I should rsync? Like ~/.config/? for example? The two soundcards are totally different, one with 10 inputs, the other with 2.

Thanks for this awesome software.

I guess let me ask, why wouldn’t you keep Ardour copying files on import and then just sync the Ardour directory? As you make changes really all that would sync is the Ardour file itself and that would be really quick.

I believe your basic thought process would work, but it does have several possible issues you will need to address and keep in mind. Either you will need to define the search locations for files for each computer in your session, or the file locations will need to be identical (Down to the username if in your home folder).