SFZ with ADSR support -- possibility of a working plugin

Anyone here heard of redux?

This plugin supports SFZ import and has multiple FX abilities (adsr being one of them)

it’s available on Linux but it crashes ardour+mixbus.

the company told me a fix is getting looked into to have it work correctly.

just curious if anyone has heard of it.



Never heard if this but I would like to try it. Can you share a link?

the plugin is developed by renoise, so you can find it online with a search for ‘renoise redux’. In its available state it won’t load with ardour but it can with mixbus. The company hasn’t yet done a follow-up what is getting fixed so I can’t determine if this plugin will eventually work as well as it should – I’m looking for alternatives meanwhile to see if there are any that provide similar functions such as this one…

Hm, I don’t know if I am just lucky but here’s something I just discovered: It’s possible to export SForzando in LV2 format from the stand-alone version (launched using Wine). Then add an Audio+Midi track in Ardour, add the SForzando plugin, and voila, it works as any other instrument plugin. In other words, no need to go the extra route via Carla. Perhaps this might be helpful for someone. Here’s a screen from my current test session:


the company replied back to me sometime ago that there is a fix in progress to be ready for the next release…

this is good news…

Awesome news indeed! I’ve been looking at Redux for a while now for it’s sampler.

there’s been an update-- they fixed the issue and it now works even when importing a file to the track. woohoo!

The release of the fix is edition 1.1.1 and they updated both demo and in-account bundles.

They fixed it much sooner than I thought.

Biotek2 you’re next!! :cowboy_hat_face: pew pew!

Over a week ago I got this diagnosis/feedback from their contact staff ::

company X said their plugin was crashing – and part of the reason was due to the way the “daw” is designed pertaining in handling VST specs

“Mixbus is trying to save the plugin’s state from a thread which is running next to the “main” thread. This only seems to happen while importing MIDI files. This is unexpected and not really what the VST specs intended, but Redux also should not crash down when this happens, so we’ll make sure it can handle this.”

I would like to politely request a probable cause --or whether I should inspect something with a debug version of the daw to see if this is true. Mind me not because I need another plugin that I purchased that needs to be fixed and if this is a problem with the daw the developers here with Ardour/Mixbus need to know. @paul @x42

I wonder if anybody else has come across Linux plugins that fail because of the same probable cause.

I’m just putting this out here to share the information of this plugin update, and I am glad they finally did.

Now when I drag a midi file to the track the daw is no longer crashing. << Difficult to say whether the fault was the daw or plugin, so I sent a bugreport to both places.

But even after getting feedback from the plugin maker, they are saying it is “partially” due to the way Ardour/Mixbus are handling the VST specs…


(I reserve my communication with company X, and I currently am facing a possible similar situtation with Biotek2)

I would like development to look into this claim (it is not me who is saying it), – because company X has a “workaround” to have their plugin to work here – so I am wondering whether there is something Ardour/Mixbus development can take a look of closer inspection on the above provided claim.


I’ll let someone more familiar with the spec jump in here, but this does sound somewhat like an ambiguity in the plugin spec causing different interpretations, which I know has happened before. The ‘intended’ way is more just ‘what other people have done’ rather than defined in the spec properly.