Sfizz and ACE Fluid Synth (audio volume too low)

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in Ardour 6.9.0, using plugins Sfizz (.sfz files) and ACE Fluid Synth (.sf2 files) I have the problem that audio volume is always quite low, so I have to increase the “Output Level” a lot, like this:


or I have to add an Amplifier and increase the gain a lot, like this:


Is this behavior of Sfizz and AFS plugins normal?

[In reality, if I open the .wav samples individually, volume is ok: in fact, for example I open them in an audio track, I hear the audio with a right volume, it’s not low.]

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FWIW: While I don’t use the SF2 bits for anything much, I have noticed that output from some SFZ instruments seems abnormally low. I’ve just assumed that the instrument providers run on systems with playback cranked up enough to make them sound good (or maybe they’ve lost hearing over time?)

Like you, I just work around that by adding in the “ACE Amplifier” plugin and boosting by 3 - 6 dB or so.

For Sfizz there’s a bugreport about low volume: sfizz output level too low? · Issue #1086 · sfztools/sfizz · GitHub

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