SF2, VSTs?

Hi guys, first off: Congratulations for the amazing creation that Ardour is, i’m here because i’m a FL Studio user, and, i really wanna use a free DAW, that i could run on Linux, since now the operating system that I use more, is Debian, and i really LOVE Debian.

Anyway, i wanna know if on Ardour i will have the same features, i mean effects, VSTS, SF2 support, SF support, reverbs etc. Could someone help me? Anyway, THANKS!

Will Ardour have the same features and especially workflow as Fruity Loops? Not likely. Geared to a different audience.

Will Ardour support VST? It already does. Native Linux VSTs on Linux that is. You can get Windows VSTs to run through Wine, but that is not supported.
Will ardour support Soundfont and Soundfont2? It supports plugins that do
Will ardour support reverbs? It already does in any plugin format that it supports.

The main issue is that you are looking for these things within the DAW itself, when it is really the realm of plugins to provide those features (Except VST support which is the realm of the DAW to support the plugin API). This means there are already plugins to fill this role, and Ardour isn’t likely to duplicate that effort any time soon.


AVLinux is a distro designed for audio and video applications and (of particular interest to the OP)

  • it’s based on Debian
  • it includes an unofficial build of Ardour that supports Windows VSTs (use at your own risk, of course, but it’s said to work)

There are also some fine real-time kernel builds available in the AVLinux repository, if low latency is important to you.

See http://bandshed.net/AVLinux.html

I use AVLinux myself, but I don’t use the Windows VSTs. I have a collection of LinuxDSP plugins which do all I need (and there are the usual hundreds of free LASDSPA plugins too, some of which are useful)
But my needs are different as I’m mostly recording acoustic music, not creating music with loops, sequencers.and MIDI.

Av-linux is great, also there is kx studio . both are setup pretty well for audio work and come with a whole bunch of plugins installed.

KX studio are moving to debian so it should be possible to use kx studio repos to install all the needed files including plguins. KX studio has the advantage having some of there own software that is pretty damn good .

Check out the kx studio forums though to make sure