Sf2 sounds not working in some projects

On Monday I use Ace Fluid Synth on a track in a project I’ve been working on for a few days. I loaded an sf2 that had 5 patches in it, selected one for Channel 1 and it sounds like I expect it to. Today (2 days later) I load the project and the track is making no sound. Other tracks on the GM synth sound OK. I look at how the fluid synth is set up. I poke it a bit. I reload the sf2. I createf a new trrack with Fluid synth and the desired sf2. Nothing on that track either. I create a new project, create a track on there and everything works fine. So what is the mysterious curse on my original project?
If it’s any kind of clue, when I load the sf2 and it works, the Fluid Synth setup window shows the 5 different patches assigned to the first 5 channels and the first patch to Ch 6-16. When it fails, it shows ch 1 as ‘Bank 1,1 Pgm 1’ and ch 2-16 as ‘–Unset–’.

In Ace Fluid, you need to save all used Sf2 as presets, otherwise the project will not play.

I currently can’t get any sounds out of Ace Fluid Synth. This isn’t a save/load issue, I now don’t get any sounds if I create a new project, create a track with fluid synth and load an sf2 into it. A new track with the GM synth or reasonable synth makes a noise, so it’s not an obvious audio issue.
Once again, I was successfully getting sound out of AFS earlier and when I loaded the SF2s I saw the names of the patches in them come up. When I load an sf2 now, I just see ‘–unset–’ on all 16 midi channels. At least I’m getting consistent failure accross the board now, which makes the situation simpler.

… so the title could be changed to ‘any projects’

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