Several problems (64bit?)

Hi, I’m running several machines using ardour, however I’m getting trouble with one of them - my AMD64 workstation which I want to use for production as (it has dual screens and a more comfortable setup). I use a P4 machine for my recording, and copy the sessions over to the 64-bit after I’m done in the studio.

All recent sessions copied over either give me a “failed to load” error or a segfault (usually segfault on the second attempt). There are no other more useful messages given even in the event of an elegant failure. The failing sessions are recorded under 2.0.2 and are failing under that version and now 2.0.3 since I upgraded. The earlier ones which do load were still only a couple of monts ago (whatever the version was then). Both session files report a version of 0.908.2.

Some library or other isn’t getting cleaned up on a crash - even if I restart jack any attempt to reopen ardour is failing with:

ardour: allocatestack.c:521: allocate_stack: Assertion `errno == 12’ failed.

I had this issue recently and changed the file permissions to a+rw which fixed it temporarily (i.e. I managed to open the suspect sessions once each) but now it’s back again. Given the user (me) had rw already I have no idea why this happened.

A minor issue, which might be related, is that the rulers all start half a screen to the right of the left hand edge. The actual tracks still start at the left hand edge of the editor window, and so does the topmost timeline, but all the grey rulers are offset.

I am running bleeding edge gentoo here so I might be running unstable supporting libraries (though the rest of my system seems rock solid) - can anyone tell me what library versions (gtk etc.) they are using successfully with ardour on 64bit please? Any other diagnostic options would also be very welcome.

I’m currently running 2.0.2 on Debian Etch amd64. All libraries (apart from jack and alsa) are standard Etch packages as listed at except for GTK, which I updated to 2.10, along with libcairo2-1.2.6. It’s solid and stable.

ardour: allocatestack.c:521: allocate_stack: Assertion ‘errno == 12’ failed.

errno == 12 == ENOMEM == out of memory.

several users have had this type of issue because they are running realtime (good idea) but are not configured to lock sufficient memory into physical RAM. we added a warning about it to the startup script and to ardour itself. what does ulimit -l say?

OK, that might have sorted it - I just managed to load one of my problem sessions after increasing the lockable size from 250000 to 750000. I can go up a bit more if necessary too. How is this memory used up? Total sample size?

Thanks! I love open source, the developers personal touch is a real advantage.

The rulers problem turned out to be home-grown idiocy on my part. Not the most reassuring result, but fixed nonetheless!