Setup with r24 help

Trying to use r24 as interface, cannot get keyboard sound to show up in ardour. Have jack, need help configuring the setup please :slight_smile:

Assuming you have a MIDI keyboard, this is directly connected to the PC and ardour.
R24 plays no role here.
If it is an analog keyboard, connected to the R24 the the issue is the sounds from the R24. Can Ardour see the 8 input channels of the R24? Did you connect the channels to an appropriate Ardour track (a MIDI track for the keyboard)?

Thanks i got the keyboard to input though r24 to laptop and ouput playback via r24 butbl the keyboard sound has some crackling like a vinyl record player in the background. Any ideas

So apparently the keyboard has ananog output. You could try to connect it directly to the PC, and use the PC sound as output for Ardour. Or connect it to an audio amplifier. This eliminates the R24 as a possible source of disturbance.And, of course, check your cables.

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