Settings from 6 into 8


I couldn’t use Ardour 7 because it kept doing weird things when trying to close the program, eating my key presses and taking ages to close. Anyway, no issue, I just stayed with 6. However, Ardour 8 seems to work fine, so going to move to latest. However, on 1st launch, it imported settings from Ardour 7, which aren’t my latest. Can I just delete the config folders for 7 and 8, then run it again?

Where abouts are the 7 and 8 configs stored under Linux?

On GNU/Linux, the Ardour 8 configuration folder is a hidden folder stored in /home/user/.config/ardour8.
If you delete the /home/user/.config/ardour8 folder, the next time you launch Ardour, it will start with the stock settings and create a new configuration folder /home/user/.config/ardour8.
From there, you should adjust Ardour to your liking.


Just rename, for example, ~/.config/ardour7 to ~/.config/ardour7OLD, or something like that, so you’ll still have it if you want it in the future… or can easily identify and delete it later.

Thanks both of you, will give it a go.

I tried deleting the ardour7 and ardour8 folders, but then Ardour just started like I’ve never used it before, rather than offering to pull the config from 6.

Has the 6 folder been marked as imported somehow? Do can 8 just not pull settings from 6. and I need to reinstall 7 as middle step, run it, then remove it again?

Only thing I’m trying to keep is fave plugins and presets for them really …

I think it can only import settings from the last version’s folder, not from arbitrarily old ones.
Try running cp -a ~/.config/ardour6 ~/.config/ardour7 and then start ardour8

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