Setting up MIDI

Hi. I have been using Ardour for about 6 months on Lucid, using the M-Audio Delta 1010LT audio interface. I recently added a controller keyboard to my setup. I am fairly new to MIDI and am having a lot of trouble routing - can anybody explain it to me from the top?

@suddentwigs: you will need to (a) provide information on your existing MIDI setup (b) specify what version of Ardour you are using © ask some specific “how to” questions. (a) might best be provided by including a snapshot of the ALSA tab of qjackctl (aka “JACK Control”).

The keyboard connects to the midi input of my interface (rather than USB). Beyond that I am a little lost. Using Rosewater I managed to record a few notes, but the programme was sluggish and I much prefer Ardour. I am using version 2.8.6.

@suddentwigs: ardour 2.X doesn’t support MIDI recording, playback or editing. ardour 3.0, which is not released, does.