Setting up MIDI-Inputs

Okay …

I’ve got Ardour 3 64bit installed in Ubuntu Studio 13.10 .

I have a Roland TMC-6 / Trigger To MIDI - Controller connected to my Phonic Firewire 808 Universal . I’d like MIDI-data to be recorded each to its’ own channel …
so what is the procedure to set up the MIDI-IO / Track - settings ?

I mean basically what is the correct way to do the routing ?

Do I have to launch some extra apps or what … ?

I have three triggers I’m using … The Kick-trigger should be recorded to track Kick-MIDI In / Channel 1, Tom 1 MIDI In / Channel 2 and Tom 2 MIDI In / Channel 3 .

zergei W .

It sounds as if you will have only 1 MIDI input port available in JACK, and all your tracks will be wired up to that one device. Ardour should do this automatically, with no work on your part. You will need to modify the channel selector status for each track, which is visible in the track header in the editor window by making the tracks a bit taller than the default height.