Setting up MIDI audio plugins in Windows

Does anyone have experience with using LinuxSampler as a plugin in Ardour for Windows?

Alternatively are there other samplers that work well in Ardour for Windows? I’m looking for a decent piano sound.

No, sorry, no experience with Linuxsampler yet. But I’ll try.
So keep us aware.

You can try ZynaddsubFX, as a MIDI track.
You will find it here :
There are many sounds of keyboard in the Instrument Bank.

Good test.


LinuxSampler is pretty painful to use as a plugin. It works much better patched in through JACK, and I’m not sure if you can do that on Windows.

Take a look at Plouge’s sfortzando – it comes with an OK piano, and there are tons of SFZ pianos of varying quality floating around (in particular, take a look at Big Cat Instruments).