Setting up default input port

Is there a way to say to Ardour that “always use this input port”. Most of the time i just add a new track and starts recording but later finds out that my input is not port_1(to which the Ardour always connects a new track to) but port_9 ! Now, all the way i had to stop and reconnect and start doing the recording. So i am trying to find a way to improve this and avoid any user errors !

Could you provide some more details to clarify your question - you say Ardour by default connects a new (really the first new) track to port_1. I believe this is the default. But are you say that Ardour is really connecting the first track to port_9(?). If this is a bug you should report it to the bug tracker. If this is a matter that Ardours defaults to not match your use, maybe you can make a session template to do the setup you want to use. Also, I recommend checking the track inputs before starting recording - hit the record button on the track and play some notes and make sure the volume bar moves and that your input levels are set correctly (sorry this is probably obvious, but your question suggests you have not actually checked your connections before recording).

No, he want’s a setting for a default port for new tracks. Same issue here. I also want it for MIDI-tracks… Or is there already a way to do so?

yes, i need the default to be port_9 and not port_1. yes i need to check he levels before hitting the REC button but still some times i miss it ! so thinking of a fool-proof solution. the session template helps for this? i need to check it ok let me try…