Setting up Allen and Heath Zed 10

I’m totally new to using this type of stuff. I have tried looking everywhere for a tutorial on how to get the playback to work playing out of my mixer, it’s hooked up to monitor speakers. I am able to play audio through the mixer using VLC, audacity and all other programs. I can record something in a track and it shows the meter moving when I play it, however no matter what sound monitoring settings I use I can’t seem to get it to make sound.

So, several questions, do I use Jack or alsa? How do I configure and run these? I have tried both after following tutorials and neither would let me play sound. I should note that when I use alsa and check the latency of the device, sound is playing, like a beep.

I’m totally at my wit’s end… can somebody help me?

When I realized I could hear the metronome through my speakers, it clues me in to the fact that the output in the mixer part of Ardour wasn’t set up right. After fixing that it works!!!

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