Setting up a git repository which tracks ardour svn.


It looks like this is only possible with git 1.6
And you might need to install git-svn which is a separate package.

Why Git ?

Hi… i write this post so that all developers without svn write access can benefit from the power of
git. And even for developers with write access i consider git a huge step forward.

  • git creates a local mirror of the WHOLE upstream repository.
  • you can do local commits, and create local branches (which are very cheap in git) where you do your development in.
  • no need to fear about conflicts on svn up. the svn tracking is happening in a different branch.
  • its faster... and i mean a LOT faster.

A Screenshot says more than 1000 words … errr hopefully :slight_smile:
This is “gitk --all” a very nice tool. - gitk.png

So what happened here ?

  • I created a branch "myowncolors" to mess around with the colors.
  • I changed some colors, but did not like it. But i commited. (this also translates well to adding debug output etc.)
  • Then i made a change which i actually like, and want to submit for inclusion.
  • I switch to the master branch which i made follow the remotes/3.0 (which is the svn-tracking branch) 3.0 has seen some commits while i was messing with the colors.
  • I "cherry picked" the commit which i liked.
  • In the meantime 3.0 advanced again. doh.
  • now i created a branch from master named "goodColors" and "rebased" it onto trunk.
  • I am ready to create a patch, and submit it.

Now all this stuff was very uncritical in terms of conflicts. But if a conflict had been there.
it would have shown up during the rebase or the cherry-pick. And these only involved the good commit.

Also git mergetool is there to guide you through the conflict resolution.

So i hope you get what i am actually talking about. Here is a guide so you can benefit from all this.

doing this without the repository i created at

This takes a VERY long time. dont do

on the commandline you would do

git svn clone -T branches/3.0 -b branches -t tags

This would checkout EVERY revision, for EVERY branch and tag.

a significantly shorter way would be to only track the trunk.

git svn clone

But this would still checkout every revision in the history of 3.0.

The Shortcut

I have already gone through the step described above using a local svn backup which speeded this process
up significantly and so it only took like 4 hours !!!

To save YOU from doing this step again, i have setup a mirror of my repository at

So you basically only need to do this:

git clone git:// ardourgit cd ardourgit

Now you need to fetch the git-svn tracking branches which are not cloned per default.

git config --add remote.origin.fetch '+refs/remotes/*:refs/remotes/*' git fetch

you also need to setup the config for git-svn so that a subsequent git svn fetch knows
where the repository is.

just paste this into ardourgit/.git/config

[svn-remote "svn"] rewriteRoot = url = branches = ardour2/branches/*:refs/remotes/* tags = ardour2/tags/*:refs/remotes/tags/* fetch = ardour2/branches/3.0:refs/remotes/3.0

Now we are almost set. The git svn metadata stored in .git/svn has not been cloned.
git-svn uses it to map from git commits to svn revisions. But it has added a git-svn-id:
to all the commit messages, which have been cloned.

So when you execute git svn fetch now, it will rebuild its mapping from the
commit messages. And then you are set.

git svn fetch

Now you are done. You actually dont need the upstream git repo anymore,
because you can track the svn with git svn fetch. At least remove the fetch of the svn branches again from your .git/config

It doesn’t really work here.
Seems like a strange thing, that all Ids:

have two times ardour2 in it.

And if I try to use git svn rebase, there are some path problems. “git svn fetch” also doesn’t work the way expected. I tried to fetch the latest changes, but that didn’t really work. It doesn’t print anything.