Setting Track Colours


before filing a this in Mantis, is there already a way to set the the colour of a track?
That would be very useful when doing mixprojects. First thing i do in this case is reorganizing the tracks. And for me it would be much easier, if i could set all the drums to blue, bass to green, etc.

Is this possible? Or is it already implemented?


@beowulf666: right click on the track header in the editor window, or on the track name at the top of the mixer strip in the mixer window. and then keep right clicking everywhere to discover more stuff too :slight_smile:


so bad, that we cannot select one color for more selected tracks at once.
for something like that already is asked in an older mantis entry:


@Paul: Cool, thanks for implementing this that fast! But you gotta show me that trick, to implement something on another one’s pc :wink:

However, i found it in the editor window, but still miss it in the mixer strip. This affects Ardour 2 and 3 here…

Some grepping from the sourcecode:
grep ‘color’
if (set_color_from_route()) {
set_color (unique_random_color());
comment_button.modify_bg (STATE_NORMAL, color());
comment_button.modify_bg (STATE_NORMAL, color());
show_route_color ();
show_passthru_color ();
comment_button.modify_bg (STATE_NORMAL, color());
comment_button.modify_bg (STATE_NORMAL, color());
if (what_changed == “color”) {
if (set_color_from_route () == 0) {
show_route_color ();
MixerStrip::show_route_color ()
name_button.modify_bg (STATE_NORMAL, color());
top_event_box.modify_bg (STATE_NORMAL, color());
MixerStrip::show_passthru_color ()