Setting tempo by marking beats

I would like to synchronize ardour beats and measures to an audio track whose tempo fluctuates. What I can do is set a tempo change until the beat or measure match, then go on to the next beat, set another tempo change until next beat is matched. But this method is not practical at all.

I Guess this kind of situation is rather common so I think there must be an easier way to do that (for instance, set beat positions and let tempo adapt to that)… but I can’t seem to find it !

I am missing something ? Is there a proper and easier way to do this kind of tempo mapping ?

Thanks !

Does this help? This is a video on how to use the BBT markers in Mixbus 32C to adjust the grid to the music timing. It works the same in Ardour.



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Oh, that’s exactly what I need ! Thanks a lot.

But the “Grid Mode” is missing in the tool selector in Ardour version 7.3.0 (the one packaged in debian 12.5). I’ll probably compile a most up-to-date version then. Any idea in which version It was added ?

(edit: nevermind, I found it’s in version 8.1 Ardour 8.1 — What's new)

Absent confounding factors, the correct version of Ardour to use is the latest version, always.


At the time when Ardour still had annoying bugs, I found it more comfortable to work around known bugs than to discover new ones … at the wrong time. But I have to say Ardour is super stable nowadays, and compilation is much easier than in a distant past (I mean more than … a long long long time ago)

I take your reply as an opportunity to extend a heartfelt thank you for all your work!


This is a great feature. One thing though, in grid mode, I get the bar marker but not the double arrow for beats in 8.6.2. I can stlll move the beats, so is the arrow icon redundant now?
I( took a screenshot but it doesnt display the tool icon on the track