Setting output with Jack

Hi! I’m a newbie and I’ve just installed Ardour 2.8 on my ubuntu 8.10, I can’t manage to set the audio output connections in Jack.
I can record and export something, but I can’t listen to what i recorded with the play button within Ardour.

I’ve already tried some combinations in the Connect settings menu in Jack, without any results

Changing the settings in Jack and reconnecting it with the JACK menu gives me this message:

[ERROR]: could not reconnect ardour:click/out 2 and system:playback_2 (err = -1)
[ERROR]: could not reconnect ardour:master/out 1 and system:playback_1 (err = -1)
[ERROR]: could not reconnect ardour:master/out 2 and system:playback_2 (err = -1)
[ERROR]: could not reconnect ardour:auditioner/out 1 and system:playback_1 (err = -1)

can someone help? :slight_smile: