setting keyboard bindings in A5

In Ardour 4.7 I used to set keyboard shortcuts by hovering the mouse over the respective menu-entry and simply pressing the desired keys.
This method does not work anymore.
Could it be a problem with my environment(Ubuntu Studio 15.10)?
I built Ardour from todays git and everything else works as expected.

This feature has been removed from Ardour 5.

It caused a lot of confusion among users who used it accidentally (and there was no way to stop that from happening). The underlying technology has also been deprecated by the developers of the GUI toolkit we use. Finally, it has never worked on either OS X or Windows anyway, and stopped being present in most X Window (Linux) applications some years ago.

Is there a (different) method to set keyboard shortcuts?

Ardour 4: Open Menu: window / key bindings
Ardour 5: Open Menu: window / bindings editor

Trouble is, if you want to set a shortcut, you have to first un-assign the hotkey set by default to a function.

For example, I like to set “S” for Trim End(because I come from ProTools).
To do that I first have to hunt which function is assigned to S. Now there is a ‘Search’ feature. But typing ‘S’ into it brings up all the functions that have an ‘s’ in them(after digging into several dropdowns).
After hunting for a while, I find it is set to ‘Split/Separate’.

So it becomes a 4-step process.

  1. Search for the function assigned to your preferred key (much more difficult if your key is without any modifier)
  2. Un-assign your key from that function
  3. Search for your function
  4. Re-assign your key
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Yes. Seen here as well. There is a prompt that comes up that says you cant use the XX combination because it is in use. A better solution would be that i will ask you to “ok” or cancel an overwrite of the previous hotkey.

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I always liked that feature (probably, because I was used to it) a pitty, that GTK has it depractated.
So I got to get familiar with the Bindings Editor…

How do we make our custom bindings default for other sessions?

I find my keyboard short cuts reset to factory default when I open a new session.

I’m coming from Presonus Studio One, so I try to configure Ardour to a more familiar mapping.

Ardour 5/Mac OSX 10.12.6

They are not session specific. They are stored in ~/Library/Preferences/Ardour5/ardour.keys and always loaded from there. Does that file exist?