SetBfree UI Not Displaying

I’ve just installed setBfree and am trying to use it as a plug-in but the 3D UI does not display.

All I see a generic grey Ardour plug-in dialog when I double click the plug-in. When I right click on the plug-in, the context menu has the “Edit…” option disabled and only the “Edit with generic controls” option enabled.

Synaptic tells me that version that 0.7.5-1 of setBfree is installed.

Does the UI need to be installed separately, or am i missing something else?

Thanks in advance.

Where did you get setBfree from? where did you get ardour from? which version of ardour is that?

Possible causes of what you’re seeing:
(A) setBfree was compiled with lv2-idle interface (new LV2stack) but ardour was not (old[er] lv2 stack).

(B) setBfree is one of the few openGL plugins and there’s an issue with openGL/overlays on your system.

To get to the bottom of this: check if glxgears properly displays openGL on your system (B). As for (A): run setBfree in different plugin host (e.g. jalv) jalv.gtk and see if that gets you somewhere.

Alternatively get setBfree from and ardour 4.0-rc2 from that combination is known to work.

Thanks for the advice x42. I’m using Ubuntu Studio 14.10. Both Ardour and setBfree would be whatever is current in 14.10. The Ardour version is 3.5.308~dfsg-1

Glxgears runs ok, but the setBfree UI did not appear in jalv. Here’s the output:

anthony@n53j:~$ jalv.gtk
No appropriate UI found
JACK Name: setBfree DSP Tonewheel Organ
Block length: 1024 frames
MIDI buffers: 32768 bytes
Comm buffers: 1048576 bytes
Update rate: 25.0 Hz

btw, when I run setBfree from the Unity launcher, I get an older 2D UI, which seems to work ok.


Installing from the x42 site did the job. Thanks for your help.