setBFree and user preset recall?

Hi team,
I’m using setBFree plugin in one of my current projects. It’s a powerfull plugin with many settings so I was glad to find the possibility to save user presets.
I found that using Patch Changes in my MIDI track, I can recall the predefined settings that come out of the box with the plugin but calling the Patch number of my preset won’t do anything …

I filed an issue on the setBfree github ( but wondered if I might be doing something wrong or if it could be host related instead of plugin related.

It’s not a blocking issue as I can manually recall my preset from the plugin’s UI but … It’s always better when things work as expected :wink:
Oh, using Ardour 5.12 on a Fedora 32 machine.
Cheers !

Fixed in setBfree v0.8.11-5 (or later).

The program-change list MIDNAM file shared between setBfree and Ardour was off-by-one.
setBfree incorrectly announced the first program as “1” (not “0”). With the current version prefer to use numeric patch-changes (and ignore the patch name).

Great ! Thanks for the tip Robin !!

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