Set up mastering FX in the right order?


Some time ago there was a discussion in this forum around JAMin as a Mastering tool. Some users shared some alternatives, arguing that JAMin was a bit obsolete, was very resource hungry, etc.

I tried this approach and I have to agree that I am more confortable with it and like the results better than those I obtained with JAMin.

Having said so, I now use the following FX/utilities:

Barry´s Satan Maximiser
Matrix Spatialiser
TAP Reverb
TAP Limiter

I am using them in this order, in the PRE master stage. I would like to know if that is the optimum order and if you guys have any specific recommendations on how to obtain the best results with these plugins.


Parallel compression !

Use the “Barrys Maximiser” the same way as you would with a reverb- make a stereo send in your
playback channel of your mix and give the maximiser its own bus. Make the adjustments you are
looking for (in solo mode) and then give the compressor the right level: typical -20dB. Take Care !!!.
Start with the buss-fader all the way down and then slowly turn it up till it suits your taste.

The advantage of this kind of compression is that the original dynamics of the track remains untouch.



JAMin is basically a set of LADSPA plugins grouped together with a (nowhere else found) 3-band compressor. The FFT graph is most CPU-hungry, so switch that off. Oh, and the EQ rocks (1024band FFT!).

Hey, thanks again!

I want to keep trying without JAMin, I like the results I am getting better that way.

Can anyone else give some advice around order in the chain of FX?