...set the channel for the MIDI-pencil-tool?

How do I set the channel of the MIDI-pencil-tool? I mean, where can I select the channel for newly drawn notes?

Thanks in advance.


make the track slightly taller, the channel selector controls will appear. the pencil will draw notes using the first active channel (which may also be the only active channel)


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New user here, I’m on 6.9. I don’t think the channel selector controls are a thing that exists in 6.9?

My question is the same: How do I set the channel for new MIDI notes placed with the mouse in draw mode?

I found a workaround, which is to:

  1. Open the channel selector
  2. Change Playback to “Use a single fixed channel for all playback”
  3. Select the channel I want to enter notes for
  4. Change back to “Playback all channels”. (This step is so the track will play existing notes of different channels correctly)

I call this a workaround because it isn’t very convenient, and it seems strange to me (as a beginner) that changing Playback settings would have anything to do with note entry, and that the channel would be remembered even after step #4.

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The central issue is that we have to pick a channel to use from somewhere. If it doesn’t come from some existing control-thingamajig, it will have to come from something more or less exactly like an existing control-thingamajig. So we “overload” the channel selector as the place where we decide on the default current note-creation channel. That’s all. Yes, it does require switching the setting back if you want other channels BUT most people find multi-channel MIDI pretty confusing (Ableton Live, for example, only allows a single MIDI channel in the entire DAW). If you stick with 1 channel in the track, there’s no need to change the setting back.

By default Ardour picks the channel/velocity from the nearest note.

Upcoming Ardour 7 makes this explicit. In Draw mode, the editor-toolbar has additional dropdown menus (and tooltips explain ‘auto’ mode for each):



I was referring to the first note drawn :slight_smile:

By default Ardour picks the channel/velocity from the nearest note.

Thank you for your thorough replies!

I can see that this is true for velocity. However, in 6.9 I don’t see new notes placed in draw mode picking their channel from the nearest note. How do I get this to be the case?

I really dig that Ardour 7 dropdown! Can’t wait!