Set tempo from audio file

Firstly as this is my first post I’d like to say, as a 10-year veteran of Cubase VST, how enormously impressed I am with Ardour. My subscription will be forthcoming.

Secondly my idea for Ardour is something I use a lot on Cubase and which I find extremely useful. It’s the ability to set the tempo based on the duration of an audio file (or indeed the duration of a selected range).

Suppose I have a drum loop I am using. If I know this audio file is, say, one bar long it’s very useful to be able to select it and tell the DAW that this is the duration of one bar. The DAW then sets its tempo based on that. It’s extremely useful to be able to do this as it makes bar-based editing (and snapping) much simpler.

its a feature that SAE have asked for and it will come, but probably not for at least another month.

Only a month? That’s great news. If I was still using Cubase I’d be grateful for a useful new feature every couple of years. And I wouldn’t be able to talk to the developer. Hooray for non-commercial projects!

Thanks for the reply.

hey! Paul said “at least”, not “at the latest” :lol: but you’re right, big thumbs up for this project!