Set Tempo from an imported file?

I have a track (guitar lessons) with a metronome record in it. I want to set the tempo to whatever the metronome was set to in the lesson track. Rhythm Ferret’s Set Tempo Map doesn’t seem to do this. How can I determine the tempo of this track?

There are two functions, which going off memory the shortcuts are 8 and 9, that set the tempo based off the region length. So you make a region that is exactly one measure long and press, again going off memory, 9, and it will set the tempo based off that length(Note, you should set the meter manually). Hopefully someone can duck in and confirm my memory of the shortcuts.


Thanks Seablade.

My actual steps that worked are:

Create a new track then copy part of the original (more than a measure) and paste it into the new track.
Zoom in using the ‘=’ key. Trim the new segment down to exactly one measure.
Line up EXACTLY; beat one of this new measure with a beat one in the original. If you don’t do this you can always move your original I suppose.
With the new region selected, press the ‘9’ key.
That does it.

I was surprised to find that of all the options when you right click on a selected range; that is not one of the options. Maybe it doesn’t make sense because there is no way for Ardour to know it is exactly one measure. Anyway, thanks to the authors for putting this in.

You can copy all the region, then trim to the measure.

Tip for copy-pasting the region to the track below without moving it in the timeline:

Control + button3 (middle button) + drag downwards.