Set Start Bar/Timecode


Is it possible set a custom starting bar or set the timecode to be a differente value? Setting it at the cursor would be ideal if possible?


Please see The Ardour Manual - Bars:Beats

This works for beats but not for timecode. Is the timecode able to be adjusted? I’m not seeing it in the docs?

Ah, sorry, I wasn’t paying enough attention.

Session > Properties has two offsets, one relative to TC master and the other for the TC generator.

These are not widely used or tested, so they may have issues and may not do what you want.

There is no equivalent to just “relabelling” the timecode ruler.

Yea I tried using those and it seems like they did nothing in my session. For context I’m wanting to match my session timecode to a piece of footage. But if that’s not something that’s currently possible it’s not a massive deal breaker

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