Sessions Snapshots will not load and can't create sessions

After a fris install Linux Mint 18.01 and install Ardour 5.8.0:

I can’t load my projects. It comes with the popup: “Snapshot … did not load succesfully”

The point is I even can’t create a new project it popup with “Could not create session in …”

What I notice it that when I start Ardour in Alsa there is not this problem.

It looks like that it happen when will run Ardour with Jack. Jack is running and has the same sample rate as the projects. Other apps connect without a problem with Jackctl.

Hope to get some help

Regards Crojav

Made this happen

  • audio group
  • /etc/security/limits.d/audio.conf
  • sysctl vm.swappiness=10

Now Ardour works !

Regards Crojav

The swappiness value is not relevant (if it is it indicates other issues on your system).

Making yourself part of the audio group was probably the key step. We prefer it when distributions give all users access to the relevant permissions when installing JACK, but some (e.g. Linux Mint) do not do this, and we are not in a position to change that.

Hi Paul

First off all - Thanks for Ardour!

It was nice to see in this case a fris install Linux Mint 18 that during install Ardour asked to install Jack / Qjackctl.

Later on I will come with some question over midi editing in the piano roll.

For now have a good day