Sessions from Ardor2 or Mixbus to A3

I’ve tried this before with no success, the scenario is: Recording with mixbus on Windows, then recovering that session to Ardour3 on Linux… how can i do this?

ups… Ardour not Ardor… sorry. (where does Ardour’s name come from??? )


I know there is an article written up on that somewhere, I can’t remember where off hand.


I opened today a Mibux session on A3B4 and got a bunch of errors on the log but still loaded and kept the markers, it was only a stereo track so i can’t say more about it but… it would be nice to have an option in Mixbus to “export session as ardour 3” and viceversa or make both daws recognise each other and open the sessions taking the differences into account (seems to me its easier to just export the session…)

(Curious… in spanish Ardour sounds like Ardor which is a word for the feeling of skin burn, i would never knew it was OurDAW unless you tell me heh… thanks)

“forward compatibility” is never going to be a goal - its totally unrealistic. If appropriate bugs are filed in mantis with specific session files, work will be done to improve Ardour 3’s ability to be backward compatible with Ardour 2 (and Mixbus 2). Its certainly reasonable to expect that this will typically work reasonably well, but keep in mind that the open source aspects of Ardour and the ability to parallel install Ardour 2, Ardour 3 and Mixbus means that there is really no need to “upgrade” existing sessions - you can continue to work on Ardour2 sessions in Ardour2, etc.

@seablade: I think ourDAW is more a pun on what the name has become, based in part on (mis)pronunciation of Ardour, than where it comes from.

@fernesto: the quick and dirty evolution of the name, according to an interview with Paul, is:

                         Hard Disk Recorder --> HDR --> HarDeR --> Ardour