sessions disappear from disk with no reason

experiencing a strange problem, not sure if it is really ardour related, anyway: i use a separate disk (sdb) for my audio data, mounted as “tomas/home/data” , where i, among other things, keep ardour sessions in a special dir named simply ardour. this dir suddenly has disappeared from the disk. i suspected the disk to have some kind of hw failure, but disk test say everything is ok. i also explored the inodes to try to recover files in case they’d been accidentaly deleted, but i havent found anything useful (just some old files i didn’t need).

as the rest of the disk content is untouched (just the largest and most important dir, ardour, is gone, wtf!), i think it has to be somehow connected with ardour itself - also because it happened after i upgraded to 2.8 (selfcompiled).
when i create ardour dir again and create some new session, some time later i always end up with the same result - dir vaporized - even during active ardour session (“cannot save” error - dir gone). i have debian etch-based 64studio, dual core amd64 machine.

if somebody has some idea what could be wrong, and, even better, how to get my data back, i would greatly appreciate it.

I can’t say much except that Ardour never removes files without asking you, and never, ever, ever removes directories. Whatever the issue is, I don’t think it is likely to related directly to Ardour itself. Have you checked /var/log/messages?