Session won't open after corrupted event?

Hello !

Quick topic here, had a trouble recently with ardour, corrupted config in C:\Users\hugoa\AppData\Local\Ardour6, while working on a session.
Computer was slow, restarted a few times, then couldn’t launch ardour after this, because of config issue. after checking in console, I reinstalled.
Got back ardour working, but now, I can’t load this session in ardour again for unknown reason.
Anyone her that can help ?
Thanks, good day !

Can you upload the *.ardour session file somewhere? dropbox or onedrive or similar

Sure, here you go :

It’s just the .ardour, do you need the full session folder as well ?

It’s a podcast montage session. I was doing a lot of cuts to clean up before the pc had his issues, many regions

Oh dear. This file is completely empty. 24MB full of NULL. – I do not have first hand experience with this, but it can apparently happen on Windows when the system powers off unexpectedly without the file being flushed to disk.

There should be a *.ardour.bak backup file in the session folder. With some luck that file still works. So delete Podcast\ Issa\ Padovani.ardour and then remove the .bak extension, renaming Podcast\ Issa\ Padovani.ardour.bak to Podcast\ Issa\ Padovani.ardour.

Other than that, all the raw audio should still be there below the interchange\ folder in the session dir.

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Ok, I’m trying right in the minute. Thank you very much

Well, unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work. How can I check if the fil is empty ?


On Windows, I don’t know.

The .ardour session file is a text (XML) file that can be opened in a text-editor.
The file you sent me is a “binary file” it does not contain text but is filled with hex 0x00.

Ok, thank you. I’ll send you the new .ardour, old .bak, can I ask ou to check if it’s empty as well ?

If corrupted, well, in case I started again to edit, from the interchange files.
Thank you very much for your help already, good day

That is fine and should load.

Edit. except it is not. It is truncated at the end.

This is really odd that backup files get corrupted. Ardour just renames existing session files that once were saved correctly. only changing the filename.

Ok, very weird. Do you know if there is a way to repair it ?

Maybe if I try getting the end code of another existing session, it could repair ? I’ll try, if you know another solution I’d try it too

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