Session recovery


I have a session that seems unrecoverable after a crash: I was adding a .wav file when Ardour3 crashed. The error I am getting is this:
ardour-3.5.403: …/libs/evoral/src/libsmf/smf_load.c:560: parse_next_event: Assertion `buffer_length > 0’ failed.

Is there anything I can do to recover this project?


the problem is in a MIDI file. this problem has already been fixed in the development code. describing how to fix this issue is almost impossible. you can email me a URL where i can fetch an archive of the entire session, and i’ll fix it for you.

Hi Paul,

wow. I didn’t expect this much help. Thank you!

Hi Paul,

Same issue. I’m going to email you as well, with a link to this thread. Thanks.


Hi again,

I don’t mean to be pushy, as I know you’d be doing me a favor by taking care of this, but I’m wondering on what timeline this might be resolved? I’m on a deadline and am wondering if I should attempt to re-record this or just wait it out. I’m hoping to handle the whole project within Ardour as a “baptism by fire” for learning the software, and will need some extra time to complete the project for hiccups along the way.


same problem here


I have the same problem, and in fact, had it many times. It would be really great to fix it as fast as possible, as it make me rework from scratch my projects each time.

Thank you


If your problem is actually this, you should really try a nightly and see if it works for you.


Why not… I’m not so much into building things myself in my system anymore, because it finally always end with dependencies broken and instable system, but I could give it a try… just to see if the problem is solved.

But is it too late for my broken session ? Or does nightly ardour version fix it automatically ?

I was just looking for a date to the next release on internet… Is there any expected date for the next version which might solve this midi bug ?

Thank you for the help :slight_smile:


The nightlies are available at, no compilation necessary.

In as far as your broken session, probably not an easy fix, sorry.

The next release is nearing, they entered a feature freeze IIRC a little bit back, but will still be a bit before it is ready.


Just tried it. And this version of ardour opened my broken project succefully. The only bad thing, is that I lost my plugins settings. I notice that there are subsribers version (which should make fix it).
On the Subscribing space, I see 4 possibililties :

  • Regular 10$/month
  • Low Cost 4$/month
  • Developper 1$/month
  • Institutional 50$/month

Does any subsribing option give the same options in Ardour, or is there any difference ??

I’m not against subsribing, really (a great job deserve it for sure), but I don’t want to subscribe with a big amount as long as I’m not able to finish a project because of bugs :).

So, why not starting with the low cost option (1$/month), if it does not cut into Ardour’s option ? I just need to be sure about it.

Thank you again.

$1 is enough to get you the full package. There is no difference in the software you get with higher subscription rates. There are, of course, good reasons for paying more if you can afford it. Somebody’s got to keep Paul able to work Ardour.!

yep, as anahata said, the only difference between the different subscription offers is the amount you pay per month.
There are no 2nd class citizens in ardour, only subscribers and non-subscribers :slight_smile:

It does not make much sense to charge (at least $1) for every nightly download every day, hence the ‘full version’ is linked to subscriptions.
In any case, the nighlies won’t replace releases. They’re first and foremost a convenient way to check up on bug-fixes. The “fully featured” nighlies just are an extra service for subscribers. The alternative is to get the source and compile it yourself.