session management ideas when having a lot of files

When working with a lot of files for a soundtrack I have to admit my session gets very messy and bloated and I would like to hear some tips how to avoid that. For doing sound design i often have long files of drones / ambients and impro music / instruments I throw into my session for one scene and edit around till i like everything… for the next scene i often use the same source files with maybe some additional files. When I check the editor list it is hard to find files again: the region name is cropped in the editors list so it s hard to identify again. lets say i throw in 20 files and edit 5 regions out of every file the list gets long… So in my case seeing the regions are not as interesting to me than just seeing the whole files I have imported. I thought it could be useful to just have a list of the source files i can order by name or by time of import.

now i often import the same file again because it s easier to find it in my pre sorted folders than in ardour. (not sure but i think there is no way to identify and clean up double files? ) so my sessions get unnecessarily big. but maybe some of you have a much better workflow for that. ? Thanks! :slight_smile:

not sure if i make this up but i think to remember there was once a feature when you imported the same file again you got asked if you want to work with the already imported file instead? this would be very handy…