Session initialization failed

Just subscribed and downloaded Ardour.
Unfortunately didn’t get it to work. In audio/midi setup no matter what I choose I get ‘Session initialization failed’ error. I have Tascam us428 as my audio interface. For Driver I choose ASIO, Input Device ASIO us428 24bits and Output Device same. Then I click start but a failure message pops up. I tried ASIO4all as input device as well, changed driver to WASAPI but all in vain. Please help me.
Many thanks

Well… sorted.

What was the issue? What was the solution?

Issue I have mentioned that despite selecting the correct input/output of audio interface, I was getting session initialization failure error. Figured out that session should not be in any folder which requires administrator permission. Ardour makes default session folder in a non-permitted folder so you have to create session in some other part like my documents where permission is not required.

BTW Paul, I find Ardour to be one of the best looking DAWs with decent functions. I like the sleek minimalist approach and been keeping an eye on the progress since version 3. I really wanted it earlier when I saw Mixbus but found out it does not support multi timbrel outputs like in Kontakt which I exclusively work with. I really wish, hope and pray that it grows further specially for windows users to capture a vast market. My background is more than 10 years of usage of Cubase to Studio One to Reaper to plus minus Ardour now. I also hope whenever time/money/resources allow it, you guys implement more in depth midi functions. Thank you and wish you best.