Session has permanently missing tracks

I have a session that starts every time by telling me files are missing. Files are not, in fact, missing. I think something went wrong when I cleaned up a session. When I do a clean-up now, I always get a message saying that 16 files will be moved to the dead folder and flush wastebasket will be run on the next Ardour start. In the background is the log window with lots of cannot expand path errors. Since nothing is actually missing (which I verify by being able to see and hear my tracks in the session), I tell Ardour to skip all missing files. All this happens without fail every time I open this session. What went wrong and how do I fix it?

What version of Ardour?

3.5.403, the paid version.

We’d need to to discuss this on IRC. I can’t use web forums for debugging user issues like this. Join us there (see the Support tab above right, for details).

Or just click on the #ardour link at the bottom-left of the page:)