Session did not load successfully: Failed to load state

Hello, I need help, I have a composition from some time ago, when I recently opened the session it was damaged.
I can’t export or import midi files to another session.
here is my xml

Please don’t attempt to paste XML like that in the forums.

I’m sorry, I won’t do it again.

Best thing is to either provide a link to the file somewhere else, or open an account (sorry!) on the bug tracker and attach the file to a bug report.

It seems that the problem is bigger, since I installed ardor 8 my sessions started to be damaged. Now I can’t run Ardor 8, I get this message. Ardor could not be initialized (probably due to corrupt configuration files). Run Ardor from a command line for more information. I started running the sessions on ardor 5 but still when I close them I can’t reopen them.
I already reinstalled, I deleted files in appdata, but I have the same error, I can’t open my sessions