session did not load succesfully

hi all;

we experiencing a weird thing… with melodyne editor constantly crashed mixbus, we try to use antares auto tune (6,09) but on little sessions look working good but the main session is over 1h30 and there it says that buffer is to low and after this message, impossible to open the session…
the only message is : "session did not load succesfully) and a close tab
any ideas ?
we try to remove the instant.xml files, remove the autotune plug, neither does it…
we are working on mac pro quad core 16gb ram, with ardour and mixbus installed (latests versions)
so any help would be greatly appreciated …


I believe this is actually concerning the Auto-Tune, if I read it right they removed Melodyne.


If you are around during the business day EST, try doing Help>Chat in Mixbus and see if you can catch myself or others around to help troubleshoot why this is happening. Also if oyu have not already, email Harrison using the support email you got when you purchased Mixbus so that they know of the issue as well(Since that is the official channel for support).


This appears to be a reposting of the same issue as is reported in