Session corrupted after trying to export to mp3

I was working in a session for a long time and I decided finishing it recently; I collected draft vocal tracks with the singers this weekend and was editing it yesterday.
After finishing my work I tried to export to mp3 to listen to it later. The application then crashed, and after it I could not load my track anymore as I receive a message that it was corrupted. The same thing happens with the.bak file. I tried to edit the xml but it has become huge (1.5Mb) and I did not have success with my trials (I’m an experienced software developer btw) and I’m wondering if recovering it is worst than re-recording everything.

I also tried to get the new version 7.5; when I open the previous session the application informs that the session would be converted, but the same error appears.

I’d kindly request a way of sending my session to someone that could be able to fix it. If this is not possible, I’d request a meet session to pair over the problem and try to solve it together. It’s okay if I miss some tracks, at the moment the whole session is lost and I have to deliver this job by in 10 days.

$ cat /etc/linuxmint/info

DESCRIPTION=“Linux Mint 21 Vanessa”
NEW_FEATURES_URL=New Features in Linux Mint 21 'Vanessa' Cinnamon Edition - Linux Mint
RELEASE_NOTES_URL=Linux Mint 21 Cinnamon Release Notes - Linux Mint
USER_GUIDE_URL=Documentation - Linux Mint
GRUB_TITLE=Linux Mint 21 Cinnamon

The error that I receive is this:

Session “/home/arthur/Estudio/Vivan Benford/Existo (snapshot Existo)” did not load successfully:
Cannot initialize session/engine: Invalid or corrupt session state.

—ERROR: Could not set session state from XML
ERROR: Session: cannot create Playlist from XML description.
ERROR: Playlist: cannot create region from XML
ERROR: Session: XMLNode describing a MidiRegion references an unknown source id =2583
ERROR: Session: cannot create Region from XML description. Can not load state for region 'pad-4.8'
ERROR: Session: XMLNode describing a MidiRegion references an unknown source id =49023

  • There are many more “unknown” references, if I remove the source and the MidiRegion displayed in the message I’ll be facing another one. In practice all my MIDI tracks were completely affected. However, if I look the XML I can see that sources and regions seem to be just fine.
  • After removing everything that is not working the session finally opens, with audio tracks and regions placed correctly. However if I try playing the file it sounds as if it was 10x slower. The sample rate is 48000 and it looks correct in the xml as well.

I’m using Jack with cadence and a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. The error happened using Ardour 6.3.0

NEW: I just noticed that all my MIDI files have zero bytes. I think this is the root of the problem, and I have no idea how it happend when I tried to export the file to mp3

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