Session can't find plugin

Manjaro KDE

I just opened a session that was created (and last used with) Ubuntu Studio, and it can’t find the plugin that was used, throwing this error:

Found a reference to a plugin ("") that is unknown.
Perhaps it was removed or moved since it was last used.

The plugin is installed, and working with other sessions, so I guess some pointers are different with Ubuntu Studio and Manjaro.

I’d like to preserve the settings last used, so how do I tell Ardour to find the plugin on Manjaro?

Discovery of LV2 plugins is not part of Ardour’s code, but handled by a library associated with the LV2 plugin standard.

To check that it “really is installed”, open a terminal window and run this command:

lv2ls | grep noise

If that finds the plugin, it’s a strange problem inside ardour. If it doesn’t find it, then it’s because you don’t have the exact same version of the plugin installed.

lv2ls | grep noise

Looks the same to me.

is not the same as any of the ones with a “#new” suffix.

Looks like the plugin was updated in way that is not compatible, and hence the URI changed.

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