Serum VST with Windows- Ardour

Hi, Im going to install latest Ardour with Windows 10. Will I be able to plugin Softsynth SERUM (VST)? Thanx for your experience!

Both Ardour and SERUM have free demos. Although I see no reason why they wouldn’t work together, the best way to ensure they do prior to spending any money would be to test the demos yourself. Keep in mind that 64-bit plugins require the 64-bit version of Ardour.

…and likewise, 32-bit plugins require the 32-bit version of Ardour.

Thanx GuntherT. Right. I will get myself ardour for windows and going to try the serum demo now. For lmms the demo is declared as not working but the full version should do… Serums developer told me he has no experience with both ardour and lmms. I am going to tell you about mine later. Best regards