Separating MIDI keys from pads

Hi all.

I have an AKAI MPK mini, which has about 25 keys, 2x8 pads ( ie 8 pads and a bank switcher ), and 8 control knobs.

I have the keys and control knobs working nicely. Now I’d like to use an instrument like Fabla ( ) to trigger samples, while also being able to play the keyboard.

I can get Fabla to recognise the pads correctly ( it just works ). However when I press the pads, I also get other instruments ( ie in another track ) sounding a note. Is there any way of directing only the pads to 1 track, and the keys to another track? I can provide MIDI debug messages if needed …

Thanks :slight_smile:

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you can filter by note value (your pads are probably lower note value than keys), then
assign discreet output routing based on that. also, with mididings you can change those note values (or change notes to cc,etc) and about a thousand other things.

I have to write my own processor in Python? Dear GOD that’s hardcore! OK it will take a while to digest what needs to be done. Luckily I’m a developer, and also stubborn.

I’m far far far from being a developer - more of a hack actually - so if I can… :slight_smile:
here’s an example of something similar to what you’re doing:
This repurposes the pads on my cheap IDM01 drum machine to be remote transport for A3 and voice selectors for qsampler. It also accommodates a yamaha keyboard running thru the drum machine. There’s also examples on the mididings website.

these might also be helpful:
check your package manager for pizmidi-plugins.

Or just change your tracks to use the different MIDI channels the keys and pads operate on. Try this: