Separate Mixbus board?

I suggested this on irc last night but Paul, seablade, Ben and co. weren’t around to give me any feedback at the time so I thought this would be the best place to propose a new Mixbus-specific board on this forum.

I realise there is much overlap between vanilla Ardour and Mixbus but at the end of the day they are still different enough to have different names and, more importantly, different features and issues.

Good idea or not?

The issue is that is not an official place to get support, and putting such a forum on it would give the impression it is. For Mixbus the official lines of support are included in the documentation, the easiest being to email Harrison, and from what I have heard they are pretty responsive as well.

I am not saying I am completely against it, but that such a perception needs to be kept in mind.


If these forums aren’t intended to provide any support for Mixbus then it seems a few people didn’t read the Mixbus docs. Whatever next!

Its not that they can’t provide support for Mixbus, just that they aren’t an official means of getting support:)


As a way to raise more funds for ardour, how about finding a way to give Mixbus support here, for a small donation.