Separate lockdown performances brought together with Ardour

Got my bandmates to record themselves to a click track and film ourselves doing it.

A few overdubs and harmonies later and this is the result:

Vocals: iphone in front of vocalist recording vid and audio (lead and 2 harmony tracks)
Drums: iphone on a tripod in a high up corner of the drum room vid and audio - 1 track as you see it
Bass: DI into a steinberg di / usb, as you see it
Guitar: a snowball gaming mic in front of the Vox amp. 1 track as you see it, plus 2 overdub tracks

Mixed in Ardour with just levels, eq and a bit of reverb on the vocals. Raw, but fun. :slight_smile:

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Ignoring most of the knobs and buttons works really well on this song.

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