Sending the output of a plugin on a different channel


Is it possible to route a plugin so it output on a different channel ? Can´t find a way to do it without adding a track and recording the effect on that track, and then routing the output wherever. If not, I think it would be a great feature.

Hope I make myself clear,

Thanx a lot,


  1. create a bus
  2. create a send on your original trac (pre or post depending on what you want)
  3. route the send to the bus input
  4. add the desired plugin to the bus (again, pre or post…)
  5. if the plugin has an option to mix wet and dry, make sure it’s completely wet
  6. You now have the dry output from the trac and the wet output from the bus

Wow, soooooo simple !

Thank you very much Reuben,