Sending panned tracks to a bus

When using mixbus I’m able to pan 2 tracks left and right and send it to a bus panned but when I use a utility bus I notice that I can’t do that. It doesn’t do anything when I pan. Is there a way in ardour that I can do this or is it only possible with mixbus or plugins

This sounds like you may not have the bus panned correctly. Make sure your bus is stereo and is set to 100% width.

Short version is you can absolutely do this in Ardour.

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ditto what seablade says. you must have created a mono bus or else the mono/stereo knob on that bus is set fully counterclockwise.

Ardour also has an option to pan sends differently than the main track.

Perhaps you have decoupled send and track panners. Check the context menu of the source track Send Options > Link panner controls [1]. If that is unchecked, you have to edit the send to pan it.

[1] default is set in Preferences > Signal Flow > Link panners of Aux and External Sends with main panner by default

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Oh ok I’ll try this out. I probably overlooked something

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