Sending midi back to keyboard

Hello everyone,

I’m on linux mint (an ubuntu flavour) and I’ve successfully configured jack and midi on ardour3 and I can now record what I’m playing on my keyboard. What I haven’t figured out how to do is how to send midi to the keyboard from ardour. My goal is to play a song, record the midi track and then to be able to play it back using the closed-source sound bank of the keyboard.

I’ve fiddled the tracks/busses and the (similar) window that pops up when clicking the midi track on the editor mixer. I’ve also added a midi file from the internet to prevent the feedback loop light blinking, hoping it would work.

I’ve managed to make my keyboard play using the vbkey… (aka virtual midi keyboard), so it is possible to send midi to it.

Any idea if it is possible and how to achieve this?



I believe I’ve figured it out. By running jackd with the raw option you get system midi options in the midi tab, which are a middle layer between the alsa midi and the ardour midi. Thus, if you connect the midi from ardour to the system’s and the system’s to the midi keyboard, it works.

I’ve just tried it without the keyboard at the moment, but the interface blinks when sending midi, so looks good. As soon as I get home I’ll check it out.

It is even simpler than this. You don’t need to use JACK at all - Ardour’s own ALSA backend will do the same thing. And JACK with either the seq or raw MIDI options will always create ports to represent your MIDI hardware ports.

yep, I’ve just tried it on ardour 5, paul is right.