Send when volume reaches n


This is my situation: I have recorded a singer, and I want to add some distortion to the vocals when she’s really pouring her heart out. So I want to send the signal to a bus when it reaches a certain level. Is this possible? And, is it possible to do this not with a set treshold, but in a “the higher the volume, the higher the send signal” sort of way?


Thanks! That’s obviously how you do it, d’oh :slight_smile:

Are there any good (linux) saturation/distortion plugins for vocals, or is guitarix the way to go, do you think? I’m looking for something like the Culture Vulture by Thermionic Culture, if you’re familiar with that piece of gear.

Thanks again.

Make an aux bus, put a noise gate on the bus with a really high threshold, put a saturation plugin after the noise gate. Or maybe just put a saturation plugin on the vocal track and play around with the thresholds so it doesn’t do much at lower volumes.