Send to instert (fast way)

right click inside processor box and choose send to insert/s option to send to them like send to bus

I am not certain what exactly you are accomplishing here? It looks like you are trying to use another track as an insert?

For the record, things like this that make sense in your workflow, but not most, may be better suited to a Lua script, then you can bind it to a key if you wanted to insert on selected tracks.


This is deeply weird.

Inserts are intended to be used to facilitate processing via external hardware or software.

track → insert output → SOME HARDWARE OR SOFTWARE → insert return → rest of track processing

You would not normally send to an insert entirely within Ardour.

The internal path for a send entirely inside Ardour would normally end up at a bus or a return processor, not an insert.

i think this is better
send > return
return/s work like insert but internally
user add a return to anywhere then send to it from anywhere (A point to B point)
now philosophy behind it
with regular send you can just send to input of bus/s (just bus not track)
but with this type of send (send to return) you can send to anywhere not just input
e.g send to (return are placed) pre-fader / post-fader of bus or track (send to track)

What would be the point of a return placed somewhere other than the input of a bus? It would seem the only thing that accomplishes is to bypass processing placed before it on a bus, which the better solution then would be just not to have that processing in the first place so you don’t use CPU cycles on it?

By the way, this is possible I believe using pin connections already, but not easy to set up because I can’t think of a single use case for a return after the input. Pin connections allow this for sidechains etc.


This is Right
But i want to use this uncommon way to routing.
Now i have several question about external send and inserts
1-Can i clip with this point i.e if i send above zero gain from a external send to a insert can i clip signal or not
2-Can i change inserts measure latency to zero and become safe from this little delay
i know Ardour can compensate the latency but i want to remove it from source

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