Send Phase Swtich

First, thank you to Paul and team for making such a great app. I’ve been using Ardour since 2009.

It would be cool if there was a phase switch built into the sends.
I was trying to figure out how to do the Separator trick from Dan Worrall in a single bus.
I know I could find a plugin that flips the phase and place it just before the send but it would be nice to have this built in just like Reaper.


Ignore the click bate thumbnail.

Not sure if I understood that video correctly but I think you’d have to flip phase before and after the send.

But I agree, that would be a nice feature. Volume and Pan are already there.

Terminology thing here, it is polarity inversion, not phase.

Yes it is similar to 180 degree phase reversal, but not quite the same as that typically involves a time differential.


Like this (in upcoming Ardour7)?

To show the inline control on the mixer-strip: right-click on the Send > Controls > Polarity Invert
Alternatively use the Automation lane in the Editor.

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