Send Midi Clock

i just try to get my first DAW ever started and i’m not at all used to record with software.
My problem is that my drum computer does not receive the start/stopp signal and the Midi Clock.
It goes from Ardour 5.12 to Roland Rubix to MFB Tanzbaer.
I enable the Midi Clock generator and the MTC generator and in the Midi connection manager i put everything on “on”.
What do i miss?
Thank you

You probably need to set your drum machine to slave to incoming midi clock.

After you have played a section in Ardour and stopped you may need to press stop on the drum machine to reset its current position to pattern start. My drum machine Alesis SR18 keeps its current pattern position where ever I happened to stop Ardour and this may be in the middle of a pattern. The next time I start playback on Ardour the drum machine starts at the current pattern position which may be different from the position Ardour is on causing Ardour and SR18 to be out of sync. Pressing stop on the SR18 fixes this.

Found it! I only activated the clock but not the midi-channel in the connection manager.

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