send, aux send

I have a doubt with the Aux send option, what is the real use of it?

And i dont know if this is a issue, but when i create an aux send of a channel and click on it (mixer) the fader and pan of the channel changes colour and becames the fader for the aux Send, then the only way to the fader of the channel to become the normal fader again is to delete the Aux send

i know whats the use of the sends in general, but in one channel there are external send , and auxiliar send, (My ardour is in spanish , im doing my best to translate it here for you to understand), I would like to know wich are the differences in those two (i have no problem making them function).

And thank you, for the double click thing, stupidly i tried lots of things to make the fader normal but never thought of double clickind the send again hahahaha(I tried double clicking the fader horizontal strip and other stupid things)

Its whats more commenly known as “Sends on Fader” coming from the digital mixing boards used live (and possibly in studio)

On live digital mixers its a commen feature to have a “sends on fader” where the selected aux is switched to sends on fader the mix faders isntead of become the mix for stereo output the now become the mix for that 1 send, giving a quick way to send stuff and give a visual representation of how the mix looks instead of knobs which can be harder to see.
Ardour does this on a per channel basis, double click it, that channels fader is now the send control instead of the mix control.

Its handy to use when wanting to automate FX sends, like sending a vocal to a delay for , record automation and bring the fader up at the right time and back down. Then edit the automation to smooth it out.

To be honest thats the only time i use the sends on faders is when i want to automate a send, otherwise i just use the bar send in the plugin window.

As for what the auxes are, when you create a Bus in ardour you can then create a send from that channel to the bus. Externmal sends are as said, sending a signal out of ardour and into another program